Floating crystals stop white dwarfs from freezing

White dwarfs were not as “dead” as is commonly believed. Scientists have explained why some of these stars stop “solidifying”


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Bananas proposed to be used in the fight against plastic waste

American researchers have devised a new way to combat plastic and food waste simultaneously. They created a replacement for plastic

James Webb would have found the first stars in the universe

For the first time, scientists have found the first evidence of the first generation of stars in the early universe.

Why is it very cold in deserts at night?

After sunset, temperatures in the Sahara can drop from an average of 38°C during the day to an average of

Blue, orange or yellow: what determines the color of the flame

You can endlessly look at three things: how water flows, how other people work, and how fire burns, changing its


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Global warming has an impact on the psyche

Global warming also has an impact on mental health. The Austrian Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy,

This window covering blocks heat but lets light in.

In the USA, a university team has developed a new type of window covering. The

Yesterday bombs, today tourists: how the Tu-95 and Tu-114 planes are different and similar

In 1959, Aeroflot acquired a new flagship - the largest passenger aircraft in the world,

Diamond nanomembranes help electronics and lithium battery charging

German and American scientists have proposed a method to quickly reduce the heating of electronic